• Lost in a box of paints

    I love those days when I am lost in a box of paints. * I find myself covered in color, oblivious to my surroundings. It can be pure bliss. And hopefully at the end of the day a masterpiece or at least a piece of art will be produced. This is the beginning of my […]

  • Sources of Inspiration: Photographs

    I love to capture a moment in a photograph. Sometimes those moments are sources of inspiration for a painting. Maybe I can transfer that feeling of calm I had standing in the rain, observing the flowing river; the light emanating from a beautiful flower; the warmth radiating from the setting sun; or the crisp, cool […]

  • An ideal medium

    Even though, watercolor was and is still a favorite medium, I moved on to acrylics.  I guess I should say here that I really like to try out different things. Acrylics don’t have to be matted and placed behind glass. They don’t even have to be framed, if you paint around the sides of the […]

  • Watercolor and goauche

    I worked in oils for several years, but I became more and more fascinated with watercolor and the translucency of the color on paper. Also, I found I could complete a work faster in watercolor because it dried quickly. I taught myself how to work in this medium. I would read what I could then, […]

  • Inspiration

    After I did my first rose painting, I don’t believe I picked up paints again until my sister started painting in oils. I was little older and married and had a family. My sister’s work was an inspiration to me. Before long, I was taking a class at my local college in oil painting. I […]

  • Archiving

    I’ve been painting for years, most of my life, now, actually. Lately, I have begun trying to archive my work, my paintings now, but other creative works are in my plans.  First, though, I am archiving my paintings. I am working backwards, from paintings I’ve done this year to the past years. Funny, what you […]

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