• Lost in a box of paints

    I love those days when I am lost in a box of paints. * I find myself covered in color, oblivious to my surroundings. It can be pure bliss. And hopefully at the end of the day a masterpiece or at least a piece of art will be produced. This is the beginning of my […]

  • Commissions, shhhh

    Don’t tell, but commissions are not really my favorite thing to do. I stress too much when trying to make a painting look like someone’s idea of how it should look. In my thinking, I’m convinced that I don’t really give them what they want. However, that is not always the case and I have […]

  • Cold Wax and Oil

    I like to try different things and since I’ve always admired the look of encaustic, I was interested in trying cold wax and oil. The cold wax doesn’t have to be melted and can be used at room temperature. I’m not an expert in the medium, by any means. I’ve not used it very many […]

  • Some of my Paintings this Year

     I’ve been able to make several paintings this year, so far, despite some setbacks.  The three roses I did early in the year following my Mother-in-Law’s passing. I picked up three roses from her service and later painted them. Two pink for her two living sons and one white for her son that has also […]

  • Making a Record of my Art

    Not long ago I decided I would archive my art work so that my children would have a record. I have a long way to go as I try to track down pictures of some of my earlier paintings and remember what I’ve done. I also plan to include other things besides painting as I […]

  • Sources of Inspiration – Memories

    It stands to reason the past colors of my life would flow out of my brush

  • Sources of Inspiration: Dreams

    Ever wake up with a dream weighing heavily on your mind?  I dreamed one night of a beautiful tree growing in my yard. I was explaining the tree to my mom who had passed away a few years prior. The tree had gorgeous pink blooms and bordered my yard in my dream. The tree was […]

  • Impasto

    My style in painting with acrylics changed when I starting adding more texture to my work.  Impasto painting is a thick application of paint, which I usually apply with a palette knife on a cradled board.   For me it’s kind of messy. I usually am covered in paint, as I mix my paint hurriedly and […]

  • Sources of Inspiration: Photographs

    I love to capture a moment in a photograph. Sometimes those moments are sources of inspiration for a painting. Maybe I can transfer that feeling of calm I had standing in the rain, observing the flowing river; the light emanating from a beautiful flower; the warmth radiating from the setting sun; or the crisp, cool […]

  • An ideal medium

    Even though, watercolor was and is still a favorite medium, I moved on to acrylics.  I guess I should say here that I really like to try out different things. Acrylics don’t have to be matted and placed behind glass. They don’t even have to be framed, if you paint around the sides of the […]

  • Watercolor and goauche

    I worked in oils for several years, but I became more and more fascinated with watercolor and the translucency of the color on paper. Also, I found I could complete a work faster in watercolor because it dried quickly. I taught myself how to work in this medium. I would read what I could then, […]

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